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Imagine feeling the fear of the pandemic combined with the life-changing diagnosis of a chronic condition for your newborn?

“Last year was a big year for us. On top of lockdown, we moved area, adjusted to life as a family of four and dealt with Jack’s diagnosis aged just six weeks old. Life won’t ever be the same for us,” said Amanda, Jack’s mum.

You can make a difference

Receiving a diagnosis of a chronic illness for your newborn during a global pandemic is devastating, life instantly changes.

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For parents Amanda and Charles, and Liv and Mat, this was their world last year.

As we adapted to wearing masks, increased hand hygiene and social distancing to avoid COVID-19, they were welcoming baby Jack and twins, Teddy and Stanley into the world.

At just six and nine weeks respectively, they received the devastating diagnosis that meant that they would have to practice safe social distancing forever.


From birth, a person with cystic fibrosis must undergo medical treatments and daily intense physiotherapy. It can take up to two hours a day to stop the build-up of sticky mucus that can get trapped in the lungs. Without this daily therapy, the result can be recurrent infections that can lead to irreversible damage.

“When you spend up to two hours a day with each of your children giving them intense physiotherapy just to keep them alive, you truly realise how lucky you are in so many ways. We never sweat the small stuff and we’re thankful for every single happy moment,” said Liv, mum to twins Teddy and Stanley.

How does your generous gift help?

  • Can contribute towards accommodation supporting cystic fibrosis families experiencing lengthy hospital stays.

  • Can contribute towards the purchase of essential equipment helping people with cystic fibrosis to breathe easier.

  • Aid delivery of crucial programs and services tailored to meet the changing needs of the cystic fibrosis community.


Together there is still more we can do. The impact of your gift will help children like Teddy, Stanley, Jack and the baby born every four days with cystic fibrosis live a longer life unaffected by this recessive genetic condition.


Your support really does change lives. Thank you.