Cystic Fibrosis Queensland’s Diamond Jubilee Anniversary

60 years of providing support, services, and hope.

This July, Cystic Fibrosis Queensland will be celebrating a milestone birthday. It is not every day that a community-based charity gets to turn 60!

Our first meeting took place in a church hall in the inner-city suburb of Annerley, Brisbane. The original board was made up of a group of like-minded parents, clinicians, and local members of parliament. Annual membership was set at one pound and the main task was fundraising appeals; 90% of funds raised were to support research and 10% to provide education to sufferers and their families to manage the chronic illness.

The Queensland association was the first of its kind in Australia and the Australian Cystic Fibrosis Associations Federation, of which we are a member, started in Brisbane on that day. Today, the state and territory members of the Federation continue to fund research, advocate, and raise awareness for our cause as well as fund life-giving equipment, welfare, and psycho-social programs for our members.

In March 1971, Queensland and New South Wales Cystic Fibrosis Associations agreed to work together, with the objective of conducting international liaison, nurturing new state organisations, and providing a central body that would promote cystic fibrosis at a national level. It was an important first step on a quest to alleviate the suffering of children afflicted with cystic fibrosis and search for better ways to cope with what was then a largely uncharted disease.

In 1983, the six state and territory organisations formed a national body called Australian Cystic Fibrosis Associations Federation Incorporated. In 1998 it was renamed Cystic Fibrosis Australia Incorporated and together we support over 3 500 people who are living with cystic fibrosis. While research and support programs have improved the quality of life and outcomes our search for a cure continues. Until that that day comes, we will remain focused on facilitating and promoting provision of optimal care to all people affected by cystic fibrosis, ensuring the best possible quality of life.

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