COVID–19, it is not over until it is over!

As Australia slowly unlocks and we congratulate ourselves on the great job we have all done to stop the spread, we cannot become complacent and assume that the pandemic has simply passed by. Even though children are back at school, many of us have returned to our place of work and we are socialising with close friends and family – life has not completely returned to normal.

Many people in our cystic fibrosis community have extremely high levels of vulnerability and for these people, the crisis has certainly not passed. We need to all remain vigilant when it comes to protecting the people we care for. The challenges right now are very human, and it is not yet the time to relax. This is reminder to continue with all the support networks that you have put in place to protect yourself and your family:

1.Infection control

Make sure the emphasis is still on physical distancing and good hygiene practices inside and outside your workplace, place of learning and when you are socialising with people outside of your immediate home network. Remind people to wash their hands frequently and do what you can to make sure you follow contract tracing procedures in places where possible.

2. Advocating

You are your own best advocate and you have every right to be clear about the risks of COVID-19 to people living with cystic fibrosis. Do not assume that people will understand the complexities of cystic fibrosis and if you need support in this area, please speak with Cystic Fibrosis Queensland Services and we will advocate on your behalf.

3. Coming out of lockdown

With people venturing more frequently and further from their home, it is more likely that you may encounter someone who is at risk of testing positive to COVID-19. Remember to put your personal safety first – continue to practice good hygiene and personal distancing.

4. COVIDSafe app

The COVIDSafe app speeds up contacting people exposed to COVID-19. This helps the Government support and protect you, your friends and family. Cystic Fibrosis Queensland remains a supporter of the app as we want to protect the community, we are proud to support.

Cystic Fibrosis Queensland will continue to work with Queensland Health to support our members and clinicians through this time and we all look forward to emerging safely at the other end.

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