Cystic Fibrosis Queensland Donors Club

Since 1960, Cystic Fibrosis Queensland has been providing support, services, and hope to those living with cystic fibrosis.

Launched in 2020 to commemorate our jubilee, our donors club is a trust fund established to guarantee the perpetuity of our charity. With no designated Government funding, this is our way of ensuring that we will always have access to funds for live-giving equipment for our most vulnerable members. The fund was kick-started by 60 donors contributing $1 000.00 each by way of recognising each year of operation. In no short time, Cystic Fibrosis Queensland was able to hold $150 000.00 in Trust. Today, we have more than $450 000.00 invested.


The fight to breathe continues and you can support our cause by way of membership to the Cystic Fibrosis Queensland Donors Club. Memberships starts at $1 000.00. All donations over $2.00 are eligible for deductible gift recognition. If you would like to become a member of the Cystic Fibrosis Queensland Donors Club simply make your donation of $1 000 (or more) by visiting here. You will immediately be emailed a tax invoice for your donation.