People living with cystic fibrosis have had mixed experience when it comes to dealing with and navigating the NDIS. In the main, the people who had access to the NDIS have achieved this due to a pre-existing health condition and not their cystic fibrosis.

As of January year, this has changed. The NDIA will move away from the current lists to determine if someone meets access requirements from mid-2021. Instead, independent assessments will be used to build an overall picture of how a person functions in different areas of their life. The NDIS transition work commenced in January and should be completed by the last quarter of the year.


What does that mean for you?

As a person living with cystic fibrosis, you will be eligible for assessment. You can apply for the NDIS here.

There is no guarantee that you will automatically qualify for the NDIS because of your cystic fibrosis. If in the main you are well, undertake employment and/or education, can care for yourself and your lung capacity is high – then it is highly unlikely that you will be eligible due to cystic fibrosis. The assessment is holistic and will consider your diabetes, mental wellbeing and any other chronic conditions or disabilities that you may have in addition to your cystic fibrosis.

If your application is unsuccessful, don’t be discouraged from applying in the future but rather be aware that the NDIS is a scheme which you may not need today, but may need one day. In the meantime, as a member of Cystic Fibrosis Queensland, you are eligible to receive equipment, support and service subsidies provided by the charity and we encourage you to avail of this service. You can find out more about our programs and application process here.

More information about independent assessments, as well as other changes the Government is making to make the NDIS simpler, faster, fairer and more flexible, is available here.

I qualify for the NDIS and would like to work with a partner who understands cystic fibrosis.

Welcome to Cystic Fibrosis Trusted Care, a unique NDIS provider which is focused on meeting the needs of people living with cystic fibrosis, no matter where they reside in Australia. This is a first for our sector and it is hoped that the care provided by our support workers will be life-changing for people living with cystic fibrosis.

I qualify for NDIS but do not have cystic fibrosis, can you help me?

Welcome to Trusted Care. Trusted Care is our NDIS brand for all people in Australia who qualify for NDIS and are seeking the support programs we offer.

All support workers employed by the Trusted Care brands hold qualifications in one the many community services training certificates. If you who would like to work for Trusted Care, you can register for employment here. Vicki to provide hyperlink

If you would like to work for Trusted Care and you do not hold qualifications in social services, home care, community services, disability, or childcare; we recommend Charlton Brown. for completion of your vocational training. You can also study with them online.

What services are provided by Trusted Care?

  1. Exercise physiology and personal training
  2. Household tasks – cleaning, meal preparation and cooking, household chores, gardening and even car washing and pet walking.
  3. Innovative community participation
  4. Management of funding for supports in participant plan.

To learn more about the Trusted Care brands, please speak with or visit