Cystic Fibrosis Queensland was the founding member of the existing Australian Federation. Sixty-two years ago, a group of like-minded parents met in a church hall in Annerley to discuss how they could find a cure for the life-limiting disease suffered by their children.

Today, we are still fighting for a cure.

In recent years we have seen the listing of many life-changing drugs on the PBS which stop further lung exacerbation and deterioration. These drugs have made a substantial difference to the quality of life of almost 90% of our members. Sadly, for some 10% of cystic fibrosis people, who gene mutation is so rare, a drug is yet to be developed.

But we remain hopeful. The future is positive for people with cystic fibrosis and as we learn more about the disease, we can improve the support and service programs designed to help people remain well and live complete lives.

This year, the team at Cystic Fibrosis Queensland agreed that on our birthday, there would be no blowing out of candles, no blowing up and popping of balloons. Instead, we have decided that if our members do not have the lung capacity to blow out candles and blow-up balloons, then in their honour, we wouldn’t!

Instead, we have created an advocacy and fundraising campaign which for a small moment in time, allows a person to experience what it is like to be breathless, just like our members.

This July, we are asking people to Take the Plunge for Cystic Fibrosis, an awareness and fundraising campaign which requires people to challenge each other for a bracing ocean or freshwater dip so that they too can experience that a moment of gasping for air as the cold water quite literally, takes your breath away!

For a few seconds, challengers will experience being breathless, something a person with cystic fibrosis lives with daily.

By signing up to Take the Plunge for Cystic Fibrosis, you are not only raising funds but also awareness of our cause through the sensation of experiencing a breathless moment.

Join our fight to breathe and Take the Plunge for Cystic Fibrosis this July.