Community Advisory Committee

Have you ever wanted to speak to someone who understands the complexities (emotionally, physically, and financially) of cystic fibrosis without having to explain what it is?

The members of our Community Advisory Committee provide opportunities for people with cystic fibrosis, their family, and carers to connect with a peer. Due to strict infection control policies which are critical to management of cystic fibrosis, the opportunities to meet people with lived experience are dramatically reduced. That is where the peer support provided by our Community Advisory Committee steps in. Cystic Fibrosis Queensland’s Community Advisory Committee members are cystic fibrosis community members. They are parents, siblings, grandparents, and people living with cystic fibrosis who have made themselves available to be a listening ear.

We have several ways in which you can connect with one of our Community Advisory Committee members – phone or mobile, online via zoom, skype or teams, or even by email.

Meet Cystic Fibrosis Queensland’s Community Advisory Committee

How do I connect with a Community Advisory Committee member?

If you think you or someone in your family would benefit from speaking with a committee member, please contact Services and be sure to provide us with as much detail about your concerns as you can as this helps us connect you with an appropriate committee member.

Would you like to join our Community Advisory Committee?

The primary role of a committee member, in a peer support situation, is one of active listeners. They will also offer support through sharing their lived experience. They are not qualified to offer professional or clinical advice. If you need support beyond a peer, then speak with your clinician in the first instance.

The committee members are also integral is helping Cystic Fibrosis Queensland shape our support and service programs.

Why become a Community Advisory Committee member?

  • Giving back to your community.

  • Feeling your own struggle has had a purpose.

  • Wanting to support a cause that is important to you.

  • Improving the quality of life of others affected by cystic fibrosis.

  • Developing new relationships and networks.

  • Becoming part of a group with a shared interest.

  • Developing new skills and technique.


Next step


We welcome all applications to join our Community Advisory Committee. You must be a current financial member and 18 years and over to apply.  Interested? Please read the position description and send your application to services.